Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Live Like You're Dying

tic tac tic tac
Times go by too fast when you stop counting but it goes slower when you want it to come faster
and so do life, love and dreams.
Some says we have to be optimist on what we take.
Does it true at all?
What if we fail when we believe ourselves too much?
It hurts more, i guess.
Some says : Failure is the way to success or there won't be success without failure first....
What if we failed and down then too scared to try?
Or .......... What if we can't face the truth?

I've been waiting for six years.
wishing, guessing, trying, praying.
Maybe not now but later. Someday.
A year later, two years later, three years later, four years later..............................................
Shall i count or try?


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bye US

Hey how's your day everyone? Me worse! Few hours ago I just took the second part of afs test. The interview. OMG I feel like I ruined my dreams and future in just 60 minutes. Horrible, isn't it? God show me your miracle please. Today going worse. I. Was trapped in traffic, my mom mad all the time, i've got stomachache, my interview didn't go well, I've got the wrong answer and yeah it's the worst day ever. You know I wish I could press a remote and rewind it. Somebody wake me up from this nightmare. I hope nothing. So this is a bye bye for US and Europe!