Friday, May 29, 2009

Sunshine after the rain

Heeeeeeey! So here I am. Stealing my daddy's bb, hide it behind my biology book, and pretend like I'm studying so hard. Yes I'm stressing out about the test, the score, teachers, and all. I need some kind of refreshment like going somewhere else without book and school things in my mind. But, I'm afraid I can't.
Hmm it's 9.30 everybody. I'm going crazy waiting for my score every single day. Hoping mine are good though in fact I wasn't. Spending my whole to take course but yeah I'm still failed. Could you please tell me how to be smart in 1 hour, a day or at least a week? Sigh. And I keep filling my mind with the science and the social class things. Well, I'm lil a bit confused when people judging that science class is better than social. Maybe in some other ways the answer could be yes but heyyy social is not bad. It is okay for me if I go to social class but obviously it's not okay for my mom and dad. The only reason I wanna go to science is to make them happy. Maybe there's a little satisfaction if I get into the science class, but yeah I'm not good at remembering the dates, places, people's name like social class do. I love counting more! I feel guilty to my parent if i can't go to science class.
Ya Allah, please increase my knowledge and please broden my intelligent, Amin.
Btw I'm counting on the result day. AFS I mean. Hmm I'm gonna pray isya now I guess.